About Us


Who Are We

Maska is a company with a vision, committed to promptly and efficiently answer the needs of our stakeholders, suppliers and customers. From the birth of our parent company Maska Limited in 1990, our family has grown to include Maska USA, Maska South Motors and Service Centre. Over the last twenty years, we built ourselves an outstanding reputation on the automotive, industrial and hardware sectors, as wholesale distributing and marketing experts. Locally, regionally and internationally, Maska Limited and its subsidiaries take pride in providing unparalleled service.


Our History

MASKA LIMITED was established in 1990 by the Managing Director, Mr. Mukesh Rampersad and his wife, Sabitree. The company began its operations in South Trinidad and quickly became one of the most successful wholesale distributors of automotive and hardware products in the Caribbean.

It is a market- driven philosophy that makes Maska Limited a leading distributor of products to professionals and companies in the automotive and industrial sectors. Today, more than twenty years and three companies later, it still values family, respect, reliability and striving for excellence that guide its operations. Originally located in the historical and industrial city of San Fernando in south Trinidad, Maska Limited still sits in the birth-place and now magnificently occupies six acres of land.


MASKA LIMITED (1990) is a wholesale and retail marketing and distribution company servicing the automotive, industrial and hardware sectors. Our marketing services include innovative merchandising, market building and research. We embrace the challenge of taking a product with minimal performance and charting a course for its distribution growth. As a distribution company, we house our five thousand automobile parts (new and rebuilt), products and accessories automotive chemicals as well as industrial equipment and supplies in our well-stocked warehouse at our south truck road location. On the off chance that we do not have it, we will source it for you.


MASKA USA (2003) In February 2003, Maska Limited welcomed a new company to the family- Maska USA. Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Maska USA facilitates the dispatch of international products throughout the Caribbean. As a source and supply company, Maska USA will source the required product from wherever it is, at the quantities specified and then supply to the indicated market. Currently, Maska USA provides the international market with commercial buses, industrial tools, automotive products, safety equipment, medical supplies and food products. Maska USA has a wide access to close-out merchandise.


MASKA SOUTH MOTORS (2006)  In response to the growing demand for the premium new car dealership, Maska Limited launched a new division- Maska South Motors in 2006. This new car dealership is housed on the same compound as Maska Limited in South Trinidad. In 2008, Maska South Motors established a State of the Art Service Centre where qualified and experienced mechanics take pride in fully and competently servicing vehicles.

Since its conception, Maska South Motors has scored a number of impressive firsts. We were the first to introduce right-hand drive American vehicles to Trinidad and Tobago. Some of these vehicles were the internationally renowned Hummers.  In 2011, seeking to reduce its carbon footprint, Maska once again took the automotive lead and shipped down a line of CNG vehicles. Compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG powered vehicles are a major component of the Ministry of Education of Energy and Energy Affairs Renewable Energy Agenda in Trinidad and Tobago.

We also offer Hybrid vehicles in hopes of improving the environment and fuel economy. These hybrid vehicles are well known for being fuel efficient cars with limited expenditure. These vehicles uses more than one form of on-board energy to achieve momentum. This means that it contains both an internal- combustion engine and a fuel tank as well as an electric motor and a battery pack. Hybrids utilizes their electric bits to collect and reuse energy that are usually wasted in traditional cars making them gasoline burning machines.


In addition to being an environmentally conscious company, Maska South Motors also had the best interest of their customers at heart, as CNG is tremendously beneficial to maintaining the well-being of the vehicle, due to its non-corrosive nature. It is known to promote longer engine life and directly reduce maintenance costs. Cheaper than gasoline, CNG rounds out its many offerings, by saving drivers on fuel costs.

Maska South Motors continues to find ways to bring optimum automotive products and services to its customers.



We are three companies with one mission. We aim to provide our customers, stakeholders and suppliers with the best possible service and to satisfy their needs. For more than two decades, we have been forging relationships based on respect, reliability and professionalism. As we enter a new era, we embrace cutting edge technology and innovations, balancing customer’s satisfaction with corporate responsibility. Our friendly, knowledgably and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem- solve for our customers.  We are looking forward to being of service to you.