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• Lubricates Chassis Points, Wheel Bearings,   and Ball Joints• Reduces Friction and Prema..
• Delivers Longer Lasting Performance and Protection • Suitable for Damp Conditions and Ma..
Protects Against Break WearSafe for Rubber and PlasticWorks from -46°C to 233°C..
• Contains Extreme Pressure Additives for   Severe Operating Conditions• Excellent Performance in Te..
• Sodium Based, Multi-Purpose, Fibrous Lubricant • Recommended for Severe Service Conditio..
• Water Resistant Heavy Duty, Mutli-Purpose Grease    for Automotive and Marine Use ..
Lubricates Parts to High Contact PressureWithstands Extreme Temperatures up to 1093°CPrevents Corros..
• Formulated to Extend Life of Metal Components   and Elastomeric Seals in Constant Velocity Joints•..
• Provides Excellent Lubrication for Automotive,    Industrial, Agricultural and Household ..
High Lubricity & Anti-Friction PerformanceResistant to Moisture..
• Lubricates All Metal Surfaces• Protects Against Rust and Corrosion• Will Not Freeze, Melt or Wash ..
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